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My name is Cheryl, I am now reaching the second year of my corrective care plan from Dr. Chris. I have never written a letter like this before. Many times I have started this letter over, the words do not seem enough to me. Dr. Chris, Thank You. My world has changed. Two years ago at the ripe old age of forty something, I was depressed, crying all the time, I saw no future, dealing with pain all the time. Sleeping only a couple of hours a night, up right in a chair, needing help to get up off the toilet, shuffling my feet from pain in my hips and back. It seemed as though every movement was exhausting. Today after Dr. Chris’s care and no medications, which we are still continuing, I have been able to start living life again. My husband now has to wake me in the mornings after a wonderful nights sleep in bed. I walk several miles a week. I play with my grandchildren on the floor. I am an artist and now with the ability to think about my art and not my pain I can express myself through many mediums, tile work, acrylic painting on canvas, plastics, and now a new venture welding metal. Dr. Chris you gave me this smile and my life back.

~ Cheryl Y. 

I want to thank you from my heart for being such a great doctor and person. You were so kind to me through Ron’s problems and the nightmare I had with curves and my daughter-in-law. Your prayers helped me so very much. You are a good person and you help and bless so many people. I will always be grateful for you.

~ Shirley D. 

In just a little over a month of treatment, I am able to do things that I was told I never would be able to do again. I was in pain all the time and I was depressed that there were more and more things I could not do for myself. Now I feel that not only is the pain gone, but also I have my life back.

~ Dorothy P 

Six months ago I was in constant terrible neck pain for four weeks, I went to my family doctor and was put on several different pain medications and had to go to the emergency room twice because the pain was too unbearable. I finally had an MRI done and found out I had to herniated discs pressing on nerves. I was then sent to a neurologist and was told my only option was surgery and my chances were 50/50 for success.  I was very upset over this and all I could hope for was a miracle, and that miracle came (Dr. Chris Worth) I just happened to call his office looking for pain cream. When my husband went to pick it up he talked with Dr. Worth about my situation. Dr. Worth wanted to see if he could help me and try to keep me out of surgery, I was so impressed by him, his staff, and the whole office atmosphere. I have been going to him 3 times a week for 5 months now and I’m happy to say I have been pain free since, I can never thank Dr. Worth enough for keeping me out of surgery, I am a true believer in chiropractic care. And Miracles do Happen!  Thank you again and again, Dr Worth and Staff.

~ Tonya S. 

The very first day I walked into your facility I could feel the positive energy you all emit. Your friendliness is catching and makes everyone who enters feel a part of your office family. I look back at how I was at the beginning of 2007 and I am now a new person. I had pain the wouldn’t go away no matter what I tried. When I look back even farther, the pain was hampering my ability to enjoy life to the fullest for at least 3 years. There were a lot of events that would have been more fun for me had I known you then. I can now go shopping without pain, sit and watch my grandkids play sports without pain, work in my yard without pain and the list could go on and on. I have so much more energy and stamina now and can move around much easier too.  Please accept my deepest gratitude for helping me get back to an active life again. Teaching me how to take care of myself was a big thing too. I do my exercises each and every morning without fail in hopes that I will never go back to how I was before I met all of you.

~ Bette E. 

In just a little over a month of treatment, I am able to do things that I was told I never would be able to do again.  I was in pain all the time and I was depressed that there were more and more things I could not do for myself.  Now I feel that not only is the pain gone, but also I have my life back.

~ Dorothy P. 

I have been to several chiropractors in the past and receiving temporary relief from my pain.  After my back surgery, when I had titanium cages installed in between 2 of my vertebrae, which I broke in a fall, a pinched nerve brought me into Dr. Chris.  He not only fixed my pinched nerve but also cured the constant pain I had in my lower back after back surgery 4 years prior.  I now recommend Dr. Chris and his wonderful staff to everyone I talked to about my back. Thanks Dr. Chris for the relief. There should be more people like you!

~ Mark Y. 

I just wanted to thank you for all you did for me.  I didn’t always feel real good when I came into your office, but I always felt so much better when I left!  You are a wonderful person and a great doctor.  I told you once that “Some day you will be famous!".  I hope we can always be friends. God Bless you.

~ Jerri S. 

After the first laser treatment, I noticed a dramatic difference.  It's reduced sensitivity in my lower back and leg.  I was also able to stand straighter and more flat-footed.  

~ Lance P. 

I've have had neuropathy in my feet for the past three years.  In just 3 laser treatments, I was able to cut my toenails with no pain!

~ David F. 

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